Questions & answers

1) How can I follow the news/updates from "La Fabrique de Miss Red" ?



- Facebook page La Fabrique de Miss Red


- Instagram  la_fabrique_de_miss_red


- DeviantArt  online gallery



2) Where does our name come from ? Who is the artisan behind "La Fabrique de Miss Red" ?


Marion has been fascinated by jewels and miniatures since her childhood. However, she never dreamed of creating her own collections until she discovered the existence of polymer clay and started learning how to sculpt (October 2012).

After experiencing a special hardship, she decided to change path and dropped her medical studies in order to follow her heart and imagination. She launched her own fashion-jewellery brand in May 2016, "La Fabrique de Miss Red", to share a positive, colorful, enchanted view of the world. A world as she would want it to be.

As a self-taught artisan, she set her sights on sharing her love for craftsmanship by inviting her customers to take part in the creative process through a custom-made service.


As for the brand's name, "La Fabrique" means "the factory" in french. It was preferred over "the jewels" as it covers several kinds of creations (including miniatures).

"Miss Red" refers to Marion, as she enjoys wearing outfits and jewels in different shades of red.


3) What are the materials used in "la Fabrique de Miss Red" 's creations ?


The main materials are polymer clay and resine.

In addition to these 2 main components, plated copper/brass/stainless steel wire is used for Cloisonné and Plique-à-jour style pieces, as well as swarovski or preciosa crystal beads, glass beads, acrylic paint, alcohol inks, powder pigments...


Primers are mostly made of natural brass, plated brass, plated copper, stainless steel, aluminium and alloy.

Aside of alloy chains, all of them are lead/nickel/cadmium free.

In case of allergy to any metal, please state it in the order form: a replacement solution can be found.


4) How does the "custom-made" service work ?


Requests for custom-made pieces can be sent through


Custom-made service can be used in the following cases:

- You are interested in an existing model but would like to get it in a different colorway

- You want a one of a kind work which hasn't been created yet (examples from our Gallery). Please, send your request with explanations (and drawing for customers who have a really precise idea)


After checking your project and answering about its feasibility, you will receive a price quote.

For totally new designs, details (such as colours, materials, size) will be thoroughly talked about, and you will receive a drawing/schema of your jewel as a common basis for discussion.

Then, to the creator's discretion and depending on the specificity of your demand, two paths can enfold:

-Part of the total price will be asked for before we start the creation, and the rest once the piece is finished


-Total price will be asked for before we start the creation


5) What are the shipping conditions ?


Shipping fee comes in addition to prices indicated on our website and is calculated based on the package weight and destination.

We offer 2 possibilities: "shipping with tracking number" or "shipping with tracking number + insurance".

To get a hint of shipping prices, please take a look at our Shipping & Policies .


6) What about the payment methods ?


You can choose from 2 options: paypal or bank transfer.

"La Fabrique de Miss Red" will send you by email information appropriate to your payment method.


7) How to take care of my jewels/accessories ?


Most of the creations made out of polymer clay are varnished for protection (unless stated otherwise in the article's description).


Aside of stainless steel pieces, all metallic parts are sooner or later subject to oxidation.

In order to slow this process, we advise you to store your jewels in a box when you don't wear them, and avoid contact with water/perfume/alcohol. Cleaning your pieces from time to time with a dry cloth is also a good idea.


For non plated metals (such as brass or 925 silver), a duster cloth can be used to remove oxidation marks.

To get more information about duster clothes, please contact us through


8) Special precautions ?


Although the magnets used with some accessories are not too powerful, we recommend you to be cautious about their potential interactions with pacemakers.


Miniature foods are non-edible replicas made from polymer clay. They are not toys and shouldn't be sold to children underage 10 (suffocation risk).