Shipping & Policies


The buyer must agree with the following policies before placing an order with « La Fabrique de Miss Red ».

This section can be modified anytime, given that the modifications won't apply to orders placed before the date of modification.


1) Legal Notices


Micro-entrepeneur: Marion LAURENT

Brand name : La Fabrique de Miss Red (registered throuh the INPI in February 2016)

N° SIREN: 820 163 806

Registered as Craftsman at the CMA of Gironde

Head office: Mérignac 33700, FRANCE

VAT non applicable: article 293B of CGI



2) Prices and creations


All prices are given in euros (€) and are calculated based on material costs, work time on each creation, payment fees and a small margin.

They don't include shipping fee.

All creations are designed and modeled by us based on real food, flowers, animals and our own drawings and original ideas (which are copyrighted).


Most of the creations are made-to-order items, which means that the photos you see on Facebook or on our Website

might not be the photos of the actual item you will get.

The creation will be very similar in terms of colour, size, shape...but due to craftmanship, there will be small differences.


We will of course inform you about the status of the creation (ready-in-stock or made-to-order) when you place your order.


Materials : the main materials for our creations are polymer clay and resine. The metallic wire used for cloisonné and plique-à-jour pieces  is either ,plated copper, natural brass or stainless steel wire.


The pearls included are generally swarovski crystal beads or, rarely, glass beads.


We do our best to provide you nickel free creations (especially for earrings), however, please leave us a note with your order if you have an allergy to any component.


We can't assume a perfect match between the colour of the creation you will see on your computer's monitor and the colour of the "real" creation (as seen by human eyes)...because each monitor has different colour rendering and contrast.



3) Payment


« La Fabrique de Miss Red » offers 2 payment methods :


-Paypal. You can use most credit cards with a paypal account.


-Bank transfer. If you don't want to use paypal, you can choose this method.

Please note that if your country's currency is not euro (€), conversion fees might be applied by your bank.


We invite you to tell us about your chosen payment method when contacting us for placing your order.

We will then provide you with the necessary information.


After placing your order through e-mail, the payment (at least payment proof) must be sent within 48 hours,

otherwise your order will be cancelled.



4) Placing an order


a) Browse our website sections to choose the creations you want.

Then, you can complete the order form and send it.


b) We will e-mail you back with the necessary information for payment and the grand total of your order (item's price + shipping fee).

From that time on, you must sent the payment (at least payment proof) within 48 hours, or your order will be cancelled.


c) Once we have received your payment, we will inform you about it and will recontact you to tell you about the shipping date, and tracking number if you chose "registered mail" or "registered mail + insurance" as shipping method.


* Note : the processus for made-to-order items will take longer than for ready-in-stock items.

 In the case of made-to-order items, we will keep you aware about the process.

 Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about it.


d) If you want, you can leave a message on our Facebook page once you've received your order. Comments/reviews are always appreciated.



5) Shipping




« La Fabrique de Miss Red » is based in France and ships internationally.


You can choose between 2 shipping methods :

-registered mail

-registered mail + insurance


The "registered mail + insurance" shipping method is highly recommended because it's the only way to be fully refunded in case of loss / breakage on your order during shipping.


Note : the buyer is responsible for the given shipping address.

If there was a mistake (unless we are the one at fault of course), we can't be held responsible for it.




You order's shipping fee is based on the package's total weight.

One package (with one creation) generally weights around 0,03 kg (or 30 g).


* Registered mail Zone 1 (Switzerland + European Union countries)

-for 21 to 100 g package = 5,60 €


* Registered mail Zone 2 (rest of the world)

-for 21 to 100 g package = 6,60 €


*"Registered and insured" mail's fee is calculated on a case-by-case basis.




We post orders once we have received the payment, within a few days if it concerns in-stock creations.

We will keep you aware about the process in the case of made-to-order creations.




Delivery times vary depending on the destination country and the time of the year (it will take longer during holidays / celebrations).


Average (not guaranteed) delivery times for registered airmail method :

About 5 days to 2 weeks, depending on the country.




Please, note that some taxes can be applied to your package by your country's customs service.

We are not responsible for it.



6) Refunds & Exchanges




We accept returns during 14 working days after you've received your order,

at the condition that the package is still unopened (so in its original packaging).

The buyer will be charged with the return shipping fee.


If those conditions are respected, we will make a refund.

Please, contact us if you are willing to return an article.




In spite of the efforts put into packing safely your order, there can be incidents with the post office.

Hopefully, those are very rare, thanks to the protection built into each package.


However, if this ever happens to you, please send us a message, so that we can find a solution together.




Please note that orders are not considered to be lost until two months have passed since posting.


*Packages sent with tracking number and insurance*

After the post's investigations, you will get refunded of the declared value.

*Packages sent with tracking number*
Depending on the post's investigations results, we will remake or refund if necessary.


7) Special warnings & Precautions for use


Creations sold by « La Fabrique de Miss Red » can be composed with small parts and are not suitable for young children.

In addition, miniature foods are non-edible replicas made from polymer clay. They are not toys and shouldn't be sold to children underage 10 (suffocation risk).


We do recommend to avoid strong exposure to water / perfume.

Please, note that metallic parts will oxidize faster if exposed to water and / or perfume.

Your jewellery pieces will be safer if you stock them in boxes, stored away from humidity and sun, when you are not wearing them.


Regarding magnets, we advice people who have pacemakers to be cautious since magnets can interfere with them.