Like our other jewels / accessories, our pins are handcrafted from polymer clay, sometimes metal wire (plated brass or copper) and resine. The colours can be custom-made.

Most of the beads used are swarovski crystal ones.

The metallic part of each pin (at the back of the creation) is either silver-colored or bronze-colored.


Most of our creations are made to order, so there will be some small differences between the photo and the piece you will receive.


Order form

1) "Orchid"


24 €, about 4 cm per 3.8 cm. Crystal pearly bead.


Ref number: ACC-BRO-ORC

2) "Six petals flower"


24 €, about 3.5 cm diameter. Crystal cabochon.


Ref number: ACC-BRO-SPF

3) "Cherry trees season"


24 €, about 3 cm diameter. Crystal rhinestones.


Ref  number: ACC-BRO-CTS

4) "Almond and cherry flowers"


22 €, about 5 cm per 2.5 cm.

Crystal rhinestones.


Ref  number: ACC-BRO-CFA

5) "Spring leave"


14 €, about 4 cm per 2.4 cm.

Only 1 available.


Ref number: ACC-BRO-SL

6) "Pansy"


24 €, about 3.5 cm per 3 cm. Crystal pearly bead.


Ref number: ACC-BRO-P