floral rings

The colour of the adjustable ring (which fits standard sizes) can be chosen between: silver colored or bronze colored.

The flower's colours can be custom-made.


Most of our creations are made-to-order, which means there will be small differences between the photo and the item you will get.



1) "Floral Bouquet"


19 €, base's diameter about 1,9 cm.

2 crystal beads.


Ref number: FL-BA-FB

2) "Hydrangea"


20 €, bases's diameter about 1,9 cm.

5 crystal rhinestones.


Ref number: FL-BA-H

3) "Pansy"


15 €, pansy's diameter between 1,3 to 1,6 cm. Crystal rhinestone.


Ref number: FL-BA-P

4) "Arum"


15 €, base's diameter about 1,7 cm.



Ref number: FL-BA-A

5) "Hibiscus-inspired flower"


14 €, base's diameter about 1,7 cm. Can be done with a crystal rhinestone at its center.


Ref number: FL-BA-HF


        "Arum" ring, blue colorway


            Ref number: FL-BA-A