Fairy world

Colours can be custom-made.


The chain colour can be chosen between golden-colored, silver-colored and sometimes bronze-colored. The usual length for a chain is about 46 cm to 50 cm (depending on the model).

You can ask for a longer / shorter chain.

We will ask for a few extra euro cents for longer chains.


If you already have a chain you would like to use with one of our creations, we offer the possibility to buy the pendant only, at a slightly smaller cost (something around 2 € less).

You can make this request when completing the ORDER FORM


Most of our creations are made-to-order, which means there will be small differences due to craftmanship between the photo and the item you will get.


1) "Unicorn chess piece"


32 €, unicorn's height about 3 cm.

46 cm chain.


Ref number: FEE-CO-UCP


2) "Unicorn horn" gradient version


12 €, horn's length about 3,2 to 3,6 cm.

46 cm chain.


Ref number: FEE-CO-UH-01


3) "Queen chess piece"


32 €, Queen's height about 4 cm.

46 cm chain.


Ref number: FEE-CO-QCP




 "Unicorn chess piece" in white / turquoise


          Ref number: FEE-CO-UCP



  "Unicorn horn" fading gold version


          Ref number: FEE-CO-UH-01