cosmos jewels

Galaxy colours can be chosen between: blue, pink, red, purple, green, orange/yellow.

Mixing several colours into one galaxy is possible too.

Galaxy patterns are painted randomly to ensure the unicity of each jewel, but of course according to the version you choose ("cloud" shape or "swirl" shape).

All earring hooks are nickel free and their colour can be chosen: silver-colored or golden-colored.

Chain's length can be custom-made (we will ask for a few cents extra past 50 cm), you can either get a silver-colored one or a golden one.

Our rings are adjustable (they fit most standard sizes), they are available in silver or bronze colors.


Please, note that our creations are mostly made-to-order, so there will be some small differences between the photo and the item you will get.


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1) "Galaxy" cloud version I


24 €, pendant about 4,2 cm per 2,5 cm, chain about 46 cm.

3 crystal rhinestones.


Ref number: COS-CO-GAC-01

2) "Galaxy" cloud version II


24 €, pendant about 3.5 cm diameter, chain about 46 cm.



Ref number: COS-CO-GAC-02

3) "Galaxy" swirl version


24 €, pendant about 3 cm diameter, chain about 46 cm long.



Ref number: COS-CO-GAS

4) "Rainbow Heart"


22 €, pendant about 2,6 per 2,6 cm,

46 cm chain, Bohème glass drop bead.


Ref number: COS-CO-CAEC


5) "Under the moonlight"


22 €, cloisonné-style pendant, diameter about 3 cm, 46 cm chain.

Swarovski crystal rhinestone.


Ref number: COS-CO-MOONL

6) "Crescent Moon"


20 €, cloisonné-style pendant, height about 3,5 cm. 46 cm chain.

Swarovski crystal rhinestone.


Ref number: COS-CO-CRMOON