Tea time is coming...in a warm and cosy atmosphere where sweet fragrances mix with salty flavours, our tea room offers you its menu of miniatures, for the pleasure of the eyes. Up for collection without restraint.


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1) "Religieuses" pastel pink


40 €, religieuse's height about 1.5 to 2 cm.


Ref number: GR-BO-R

2) "Doughnuts effet millefeuille"


40 €, doughnut's diameter about 1.5 cm.


Ref number: GR-BO-DEM

3) "Salambos" almond green


35 €, each salambo is about 1.5 cm long.


Ref number: GR-BO-S

4) "Bonhommes en pain d'épices"


40 €, each gingerbread man is about 2 cm high and 1,4 cm wide.


Ref number: GR-BO-BPE

5) "Chocolat coulant"


38 €, about 1.5 cm per 1.5 cm.



Ref number: GR-BO-CC

6) "Gaufrettes coeurs"


40 €, heart about 1.7 per 1.7 cm.



Ref number: GR-BO-HW