Like our other jewels / accessories, our pins are handcrafted from polymer clay, sometimes metal wire (plated brass or copper) and resine. The colours can be custom-made.

Most of the beads used are swarovski crystal ones.

The metallic part of each pin (at the back of the creation) is either silver-colored or bronze-colored.


Most of our creations are made to order, so there will be some small differences between the photo and the piece you will receive.


Order form

1) "Heart biscuit with rose"


22 €, about 3,9 cm per 3,6 cm.


Ref number: ACC-BRO-HBR

2) "Gingerbread man"


15 €, about 4 cm per 3 cm.


Ref number: ACC-BRO-GBM

3) "Eat me Biscuit"


15 €, about 3.7 cm per 2.5 cm.


Ref number: ACC-BRO-EMB

4) "Heart biscuits tray"


22 €, tray about 3.7 cm per 2.5 cm.



Ref number: ACC-BRO-HBT

5) "Strawberry double heart"


19 €, heart about 3.9 cm per 3.6 cm.

Crystal pearly bead.


Ref number: ACC-BRO-SDH

6) "Teapot Biscuit"


25 €, about 4.3 cm per 3.5 cm.



Ref number: ACC-BRO-TPB

14) "Charlotte with red fruits"


24 €, about 3 cm wide (base) per 3 cm high.


Ref number: ACC-BRO-RFC