pastries magnets

Colours for icing, jam and additional decorations (paintings, ribbons...) can be custom-made.


The magnets fixed at the back of the pastries are ferrite ones.


Most of our creations are made-to-order, which means there will be small differences between the photo and the item you will get.


Order form

1) "Eat me Biscuit"


15 €, 3.7 cm (length) per 2.5 cm (width)


Ref number: ACC-MAG-EMB

2) "Pain aux raisins"


15 €, about 3 cm diameter.


Ref number: ACC-MAG-PAR

3) "Strawberry heart double biscuit"


18 €, about 3.5 cm diameter.


Ref number: ACC-MAG-SHDB

4) "Religieuse Ribbon Cameo"


21 €, about 3.7 cm per 3 cm.


Ref number: ACC-MAG-RRC



 Religieuse Ribbon Cameo (chocolate / pastel green)



Ref number: ACC-MAG-RRC

5) "Heart biscuits tray"


21 €, tray about 3.7 cm per 2.5 cm.


Ref number: ACC-MAG-HBT


7) "Syrup pancakes plate"


21 €, diameter (plate) about 2.9 cm.



Ref number: ACC-MAG-SPP

6) "Strawberry jam crêpes" plate


20 €, about 2.8 cm diameter.


Ref number: ACC-MAG-SJCP


8) "Heart lava cake on a tray"


30 €, tray about 5 cm per 3 cm, short message can be custom made.


Ref number: ACC-MAG-HLCT