Circus / cabaret

Welcome to our "Circus / Cabaret" collection's page ! 


All earring hooks are nickel free and their colour can be chosen: silver-colored or golden-colored.

Chain's length can be custom-made (we will ask for a few cents extra past 50 cm), you can either get a silver-colored one or a golden one.

Our rings are adjustable (they fit most standard sizes), they are available in silver or bronze colors.


Please, note that our creations are mostly made-to-order, so there will be some small differences between the photo and the item you will get.




1) "Top hat"


28 €, about 2,8 cm per 2,8 cm.

Crystal rhinestones. 46 cm chain


Ref number: CIRC-CO-TH

2) "Steampunk corset"


20 €, about 2,8 cm per 2,1 cm.

Metal gears. 46 cm chain.


Ref number: CIRC-CO-SC

3) "Cabaret corset"


22 €, about 3,5 cm per 2,5 cm.

Crystal rhinestones. 46 cm chain.


Ref number: CIRC-CO-CC